Welcome to North Beach Rugby League

Welcome to North Beach Rugby League Club and thank you for considering becoming a sponsor of our club.

Rugby League in the North Beach District has shown to be a region of strength for the Western Australian competition and this year we believe the club will become even stronger. Over the past five years we have had significant success in both the junior and senior competitions.

Our junior competition is going from strength to strength with the introduction of girls league tag and tackle in 2018 seeing us take out our first Under 16’s Girls League Tag trophy.

We have designed several packages aimed to provide you with the opportunity to support North Beach Rugby League Club. 

These have been developed to supply you with an excellent platform to achieve a positive return on your investment. We are excited to liaise with you to ensure you are accomplishing what you wanted from this investment and ensure your brand’s exposure across all our communication and marketing channels. With the local community competition having over 20,000 supporters the marketing potential is significant.

If you choose to partner with North Beach Rugby League Club, you will be supporting a community that has been part of North Beach and its surrounding suburbs since 1951.

If you have any queries regarding any of our sponsorship packages please feel free to contact myself, secretary Abbie Williams, born Treasurer Ellen Laurie.

North Beach Rugby League Club looks forward to welcoming you to our community.

Chris Dever



The North Beach Rugby League Club (NBRLC) is a not for profit organisation aimed at managing and supporting Rugby League and youth development in the North Beach District. Originally formed in 1951, currently the NBRLC has 300 registered players, playing in age groups from Under 6 to Under 17 in the Junior grades which includes a girls under 12-16 League Tag team, under 16 girls and women’s tackle and a League Tag competition.

Three Senior Men’s teams being premier, reserve and Val Murphy trophy grades. There are currently over 2 00 social club members with many more individuals present at home games.

What is our reach?

Our Facebook page has over 2700 likes, during the season the page receives 100 hits per month, with 500+_ hits per month during the off-season.

We extend our electronic media channels through Instagram and Twitter to provide a greater potential audience and more flexibility in the content we can deliver electronically.

We host 12 home games during the regular season with at least one pre-season game and typically a finals fixture as well. At pre-season and regular season games crowds will range between 150 and 300 dependent on weather and the quality of the opposing team. 

Finals games held at our home ground attract crowds between 800 and 1200 people. 

In addition to our Rugby League commitments we also host many local events with the club being a licensed premise, we have the ability to run and host events for 20-250 people. The facility is also open for hire to local schools and groups further extending our community reach.

While Rugby League is a relatively minor sport in Western Australia, it is one of the nation’s major sports. With increasing numbers of people from the Eastern states moving to WA, the potential audience for Rugby League in WA is ever increasing.

What Does Your Sponsorship Mean?

The NBRLC has established itself as a community-based organisation. We endeavour to provide pathways and opportunities for all children in junior Rugby League and our senior members to become active in local, state and national communities. NBRLC helps children become physically active and learn important life skills about teamwork, leadership, discipline and skills development.

All sponsorship funding is directly invested into the development of our club, our members and our juniors and is used to manage and improve Rugby League on the northern beaches. Areas of expenditure include:

Game Development

Improved First Aid/Medical Coverage

Volunteer Management

Youth Development

Development of Game Officials

Women in League

New Equipment

Improved Club Facilities

Sponsorship Packages

The sponsorship packages  are the typical arrangements that we offer. However, should you wish to propose another method to support the club which is mutually beneficial, we are happy to provide you with the potentialopportunity.

Our packages are structured around a one-year agreement, but we are open and would prefer sponsorships to be greater than a single year to allow the partnership the possibility to grow and provide enhanced value back to the partners.